RAR is always open to create synergies with artists, teams and activists, with the intention to support and promote contemporary arts and social freedoms.
Archived mixes are the spirit of our collaborations.

Movement Radio

RAR curates a monthly residency on Movement Radio hosted by RAR resident djs and guests.

Movement Radio is an international online radio station based in Athens. It explores the cross-cultural interactions, political and theoretical discourses and reflections of movement of people from the Mediterranean and beyond, through a series of commissioned pieces, thematic mixtapes, interviews, DJ sets and more.


Ruins of an Extreme Present

So, what does it mean to exist in an epoch dominated by humans?

Random Access Radio happily surrounded the opening of ‘Ruins of an Extreme Present’, a group-exhibition featuring 7 artists/designers and 6 studios whose works interpret, question and react to established political, social, ethical and ecological phenomena.