Ruins of an Extreme Present | Bora Bora

So, what does it mean to exist in an epoch dominated by humans?

Random Access Radio happily surrounded the opening of ‘Ruins of an Extreme Present’, a group-exhibition featuring 7 artists/designers and 6 studios whose works interpret, question and react to established political, social, ethical and ecological phenomena.

DJ set by RAR guest Bora Bora




Vito Ricci – Inferno, Part 3
Stereo Nova – Vox Popull
Autechre – Austria
Victor De Roo & Alex De Force – Nattigheid
Al Chem – Union pop
Dimosioypalliliko Retire – Occupations
Low Company – Imaginay Clip
Cucina Povera – Sokerihumala
Fred dj, boran dj – cosmic patch (lazy’gal edit)
Circadiam Rhythms – Must be
Autechre – 444