MOVEMENT RADIO :: Maik Nait -Space Night, An Elektrolux Apreciation Mix

Maik Nait takes over the RAR residency on movement radio!

Maik Nait Presents “Space Night”, an Elektrolux Apreciation mix.

Elektrolux has build up a strong reputation beyond the borders of Germany.

The output of the Frankfurt based label ranges from Ambient and to Dub, often incorporating other contemporary musical styles like House, Downbeat/Broken Beats or Drum’n’Bass. Many Elektrolux releases work in the Club while at the same time serving the need for musical experiments. The philosophy of the label, the unity of sound and vision, manifests itself not only in innovative high quality music, but also in the pretentious cover artwork. The label was founded at the end of 1995 by Alex Azary, the music producer and co-operator of the Technoclub. Elektrolux became successful after Alex Azary accompanied the night show Space Night on Bavarian TV with the music of the label. Later, the Hessian Broadcasting was followed by the night program Flowmotion, in which Elektrolux’s own music videos were shown.

This show focuses mainly on music that was played in Space Night series, with mixture of Ambient, Downtempo, Ambient Trance and Techno of that era.


Broadcasted on 10/05/2021 on Movement Radio.




Aural Float
Introspection (1995)

Slowdown Sundown (1997)

Aural Float
Zwei G (2001)

Full Moon Fashions
Magic Morning (1997)

Fresh Moods
… To Jazz (1997)

Dr. Scissors
Luxor (1997)

Saafi Brothers
The Witness (1997)

Shaman (1998)

Piano For The Moment (1996)

Arc Of A Diver (1997)