Rendeece ‘Endgame Sessions part IV – Time Was Never And Time Is Over’

The fourth installment in the Endgame series by Greek electronic experimental producer Rendeece!!




Rendeece – Do you see how it goes on? –More or less. –Will it not soon be the end? –I’m afraid it will. –You’ll make up another. –I don’t know. I feel rather drained. The prolonged creative effort. If I could drag myself down to the sea! I’d make a pillow of sand for my head and the tide would come. –There’s no more tide.

Rendeece – Go and see is she dead. – Looks like it. –And Nagg? –Doesn’t look like it. –What’s he doing? –He’s crying.  –Then he’s living.

Rendeece – Open the window. –What for? –I want to hear the sea. –You wouldn’t hear it. –Even if you opened the window? –No. –Than it’s not worth while opening it? –No. –Than open it! Have you opened it? –Yes. –You swear you’ve opened it? –Yes. –Well…! It must be very calm. I’m asking you is it very calm! –Yes. –Close the window, we’re going back.  

Rendeece – We’re getting on. You weep, and weep, for nothing, so as not to laugh, and little by little… you begin to grieve. All those I might have helped. Helped! Saved. Saved! The place was crawling with them. Use your head, can’t you, use your head, you’re on earth, there’s no cure for that! Get out of here and love one another! Lick your neighbor as yourself! The end is in the beginning and yet you go on. Perhaps I could go on with my story, end it and begin another. If I can hold my peace, and sit quiet, it will be all over with sound, and motion, all over and done with.

Rendeece – Do you know what it is? I was never there. Clov! – What is it? – I was never there. – Lucky for you. – Absent, always. It all happened without me. I don’t know what’s happened. Do you know what’s happened? Clov! –When? Where? – When! What’s happened? Use your head, can’t you! What has happened? – What for Christ’s sake does it matter? – I don’t know.

Rendeece – Let’s stop playing! – Never! Put me in my coffin. – There are no more coffins. – Then let it end! With a bang! Of darkness!

Rendeece – They said to me, That’s love, yes, yes, not a doubt, now you see how –Articulate! –How easy it is. They said to me, That’s friendship, yes, yes, no question, you’ve found it. They said to me, Here’s the place, stop, raise your head and look at all that beauty. That order! They said to me, Come now, you’re not a brute beast, think upon these things and you’ll see how all becomes clear. And simple! They said to me, What skilled attention they get, all these dying of their wounds. – Enough! – I say to myself— sometimes, Clov, you must learn to suffer better than that if you want them to weary of punishing you— one day. I say to myself—sometimes, Clov, you must be better than that if you want them to let you go—one day. But I feel too old, and too far, to form new habits. Good, it’ll never end, I’ll never go. Then one day, suddenly, it ends, it changes, I don’t understand, it dies, or it’s me, I don’t understand that either. I open the door of the cell and go. When I fall I’ll weep for happiness.

Rendeece – Me to play. Old endgame lost of old, play and lose and have done with losing. Let me see. Ah yes! Good. Discard. Take it easy. And now? Raise hat. Peace to our… arses. And put on again. Deuce. Wipe. And put on again. We’re coming. A few more squirms like that and I’ll call. A little poetry. You prayed— You CRIED for night; it comes— It FALLS: now cry in darkness. You cried for night; it falls: now cry in darkness. And now? Moments for nothing, now as always, time was never and time is over. Since that’s the way we’re playing it… let’s play it that way…