Rendeece ‘Asfysia II’

Asfysia mixtapes are about the connection or the dis-connection from nature (Greek word φύση/fysi). Either the asphyxia that some people feel when they have their first contact with nature or how nature is being asphyxiated by our way of life, our policies, our actions.

In the first mixtape I selected and mixed tracks that either the field recordings are the main element or source of synthesis, or just a part of. I chose not to follow the same path for this one. Here, the connecting element is Amazon and her inhabitants. The selection is recordings from three different albums. The album “Lost Shadows: In Defence Of The Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual)” by David Toop (Label: Sub Rosa, 2015, LP version mastering by Lawrence English) as well as the albums of Lawrence English (A Mirror Holds The Sky, residency in Francisco López’s Mamori Artlab, Label Room40, 2021) and Francisco López (Yanayacu-Enviromental sound matter from the Peruvian Amazon, 2014 and Wilderness Studio 2005-2019, Brazilian Amazon, 2021).

The term “mixtape” comes from the fact that the recordings of the rituals of Yanomami people who live in the Amazon rainforest between Venezuela and Brazil (as been recorded by David Toop), are being mixed with field recordings of different places in Amazon (Lake Mamori, Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon). Also, they are not being played in a way to hear them separately but with the intention to create a different soundscape from the mixing of them.




Lawrence English – A Mirror Holds The Sky
Tayari-Teri – Shamans Healing (Recorded by David Toop)
Torokoiwe – Solo Shama, First Chant (Recorded by David Toop)
Mabutawi-Teri – Wayamou Duo Exchange (Recorded by David Toop)
Francisco López – Yanayacu – Τrack 1
Mabutawi-Teri – Young Women’s Circle Song (Recorded by David Toop)
Francisco López – Untitled#232 -Brazilian Amazon
Cuntinamo – Piaruainai, Solo Shaman (Recorded by David Toop)
Mabutawi-Teri – Young Men Singing (Recorded by David Toop)
Lawrence English – The Rain
Mabutawi-Teri – Rain Song (Recorded by David Toop)