Rendeece ‘Middle-Eastern Promises V’

Rendeece ventures deeper in the “Middle-Eastern Promises” series. From 40s Turkish folk songs to electronic experiments by artists originated from Iran, Egypt to American and European artists exploring the vast variety of Anatolia rhythms and music in their own productions.

**2021 finds Rendeece focusing his work on the inhuman living conditions and the suffering within refugee/concentration camps in Greece. Making his own blend of electronic soundscapes with Anatolia music.
First part, “Moria Burning” just released this week in his bandcamp page. Profits of the releases will be transferred to initiatives supporting refugees who live in these camps.


Victoria Hazan – Yardan Haber Gelmadi (No News From Tomorrow)
Rojin Sharafi – Choruk
Farhot – Sampling Watana/Biya Bachem (ft. Moshtari)
Saint Abdullah – In God’s Image (ft. Jordan Reyes)
Vatican Shadow – Gunmen With Silencer
Muslimgauze – Gulf Between Us
Kahn – For Beirut Part 4
El Rass & Munma – 3echq
Raed Yassin – A Fistful Of Stardust
Nadah El Shazly – Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory)
Ice_Eyes – Maps Of Despair (Abadir Remix)
Rendeece – Moria Burning Part 3
The Three Kawkabani Brothers – Al Sabah