Rendeece ‘There’s A Room For You’
A Mixtape About Love And Connection

There’s a room for you. A room that is your shelter each time disappointment or traumas surface. A room that you find the love you need to face the distress and retrieve the warmness in your heart. More fragments of memories may arise every time you visit this room. Memories of loved ones or items you had forgotten. After a while you notice a window. Faint light coming inside through it. You will need to remove the curtains. Then the light is becoming brighter, warmer. Until the whole room will be filled of it. It’s the time you see this room in its entirety. It’s the time you get the first impulse for getting outside. To run into the streets or in the fields. To connect with nature, to feel the brightness of the sun not through the reflection of the window’s glass. To have its warmness spread in your whole body. To hear the sounds of nature, not echoing through the room’s walls. You don’t need a shelter anymore. The world may be a chaotic, mad place but you are not afraid anymore. You are part of it and exiting this room is a first step for your own fulfillment, your connection with cosmos.




Maze & Lindholm – There’s a Room for You
The Caretaker – Things that are beautiful and transient
William Basinski – All These Too, I, I Love
Pierce Warnecke – Silent Light Reveals the Unreal
Ai Aso – The Bright Room
Hildur Gudnadottir – Reflection
Roly Porter – An Open Door
Fire! Orchestra – At Last I Am Free