Rendeece ‘Asfysia I’

photo: Maria Antoniou
Artwork: Rendeece
Special Thanks: Lampros Katsaros



Soundwalk Collective (w/ Patti Smith) – Spiritual Death
Lawrence English – The Picnic
Lea Bertucci – Deliquescence
Flora Yin-Wong – Tirta Empul
Oto Hiax – Lowlan
David Toop – She Fell Asleep Somewhere Outside The World
Biosphere – Bergsbotn III
KMRU – Klang
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Hunting Down Individual Mosquitoes
Rendeece – Time Was Never And Time Is Over
Anthony Child – Farthest Known Object
Constantine – Divide
Alain Pierre – Ô Sidarta
Michael Speers – îË |I O Æ B
Rendeece – Infinite Emptiness Around You
Jenna Sutela – nimiia vibié I
William Basinski – On Time Out Of Time