RAR Guest #33 – Rendeece Electr-I-City

This is a post-recorded live session based on the one that was performed for Electr-I-City night at Apothiki bar in Preveza on 09.12.17. There were used selected loops, personal field recordings and live modular synth, all mixed and performed live by Rendeece. It’s part of the formation process of new forthcoming projects and/or self-releases.



Rendeece – No Drugs Addiction
Rendeece – Serpent Guiding Dub
Rendeece – Transgression In Dub
Rendeece – Cymbal Lucidity
Rendeece – The Gamelan Gate
Rendeece – Anatolic Illusions
Rendeece – We Live Inside A Dream Dub
Rendeece – Syncronicity Or Heart Listening Dub