Rekem Records

Rekem Records is an Athens-based record label, constantly searching for the immediacy of sound and the reflective nature of its experience.

A Special Future Blend Rekem Records Mix for Random Access Radio. Tactility of sound, embedded memories, affect and action. Featuring beloved slices from our short history, a few other artists we love, and some sneak peeks into future projects. Shout outs to Anastasia Ax & Lars Siltberg, I Broke the Vase, and Viki Steiri, who all graciously contributed exclusive cuts to this.



Panos Panopoulos, Yorgos Samantas – Voices, birds, animals
Loukia Katsimeri – Sohos (excerpt)
Flora Yin Wong – Loci I (excerpt)
Jaap Blonk – Totenklange (dirge)
Costis Drygianakis – Chondros and Katsiani on the Mountain (excerpt)
NatCase – Deeptych
Anastasia Ax & Lasse Marhaug – Objects to be Destroyed, Side B (excerpt)
Jooklo Duo – Primitive Power
Angelos kyriou – As Vgei Kapou Ayto, A2
I Broke the Vase – Super Market
I Broke the Vase – Royal Names/Full of Blood
Viki Steiri – I want you too in my private dream
Panos Alexiadis – Katabasis, Pt. 1 (excerpt)
Anastasia Ax & Lars Siltberg – Flightless
Chris Forsyth & Nate Wooley – Third, Side A (excerpt)
Anna Godzina – Landscape Set to Music
Bam & Boom (Voice-o-graph recording from the collection of Nikos Valkanos)