Sis Ismi

Sis Ismi (also Ur Love Affair) is a German DJ based in Strasbourg.She is a monthly resident on the web radio
In her sets she usually explores various musical genres, combining dreamy house, energetic techno, 90’s trance, bass and more. Her sets are seductive and recreational assemblages of vitalizing tracks.
With her Sis Ismi alias , she explores another facet of her musical palette: less danceable and more ambient sounds, that keep our minds focused on where she takes us.
With her collective “Tu mixes bien…”, she is committed to the fight against sexism and for a more equal and inclusive electro scene.

pic by: @hunaysaday

Michel Lariola – Tia (Original Mix)
Lee Gamble – Razor
Oneotrix Point Never – Format & Journey North
Eomac – We Are All Going to Die
D-Leria – Il Giardino Degli Unicorni
Oneotrix Point Never – Format & Journey North
Tanguerine Dream – Sequent C’ (Remix)
Last Days on Earth – Transwarp
PVS – Essence
Ben Klock & Etapp Kyle – A Friend Of A Friend
Holy Ghost – 4 AM At The Crying Cactus
Raum ft. Anne-Lyse Boissière – Poème Ouralien
Klahrk – MF.MT (feat. Lighght)
New Frames – Stylized Fear
DJ Dextro – One Strange Rock
Szare – Crop Failure
Dold – Epilogue
Volpe (ARG) – Regenerate
Tangerine Dream – Sequent C’
Ana Roxanne – Untitled