Noff Weezy – Wax Luv Jam

Vinyl Only mix by Noff Weezy for Random Access Radio!

This improvisational vinyl set was recorded on the fly, like a jam session, during a Sunday afternoon of shifting temperature in Pallados street at the heart of Psyrri, Athens. Then it was translated visually by Anastasia Pavlou with hands-on artwork that also reflects her oeuvre, treating sound and image as one. Something worth mentioning in the storytelling is the last track ‘Bô’vel – Check 4 U’, a Manchester northern soul classic and one of the most sought after street soul holy grail of them all, about to be re-released at Be With Records after ambitiously sold on Discogs for almost £2,000.

Noff Weezy was born and is currently based in Athens. She spent her critical years in London where she studied graphic design and explored further her relationship with music, culture & aesthetics. She has been practicing graphic design, DJing, radio and content writing from a very young age. With significant influences from the UK scene, her inspiration draws from the 80s, 90s and today. From house to bass, breakbeat, electro, techno, acid, garage, tribal, disco and beyond, she releases the vibe of good old days, modern times and tomorrow’s curiosities, encapsulating various feels in her sets. She is currently hosting her radio show on Between chaos and compulsion, procrastination and perfectionism, there she lies; overwhelmed, placid, relentless.

Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid
Omar-S – Smash (Keys by Kyle Hall & O B Ignit-Linn, Drums by AOS)
Hunee – Crossroads
Kuniyuki Takahasi – You Should Believe
El Sueño De Hyparco – Rhodas
The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Jupiter And Callisto
Shams Dinn – Ane Dassi M’we
Abdou El Omari – Zifaf Filfada
DJ Pippi presents I.K.L. – Drums Madness
James Mason – Free
Queen Latifah – Evil That Men Do
Bô’vel – Check 4 U