Vía de Acceso ‘ቆንጆ ድብልቅ – ቭድአ 1’

ቆንጆ ድብልቅ – ቭድአ 1 (k’onijo dibilik’i – vidi’ā 1) means ” Hermosa Mezcla – VDA 1 ”

Via de Acceso is a radiophonic space curated by Cois Agver and Enternet boy based on Yucatán, México; focused on the exploration of experimental music from the underground scene and new sounds of avant-garde.

In this delivery for RAR, they share a special and mistic selection divided in half-hour of tribal/electronic sounds and half-hour with ambient/experimental pieces from different creators around Latin America and the world.




Koeosaeme – Pt. 0
Belepoc – Urutaú
Claude LeBelge – Voicing
Mood Exhibit – Song of Serengueti
Fab Fab Fab – Fénix
Fastezz – La Música Prehispánica
Parejito & Moon – Cosmos (Original)
Lost Innsurgentes – Epílogo
KLPUYI, SYZTEMA – Cátedra Prehispánica
Silo Portem – Whispering Pier
Eta Ceti – Wälder Und Flüsse
Pfaender – Circuits – Calling
Lissa K, Kaerian – Collusions in the Big Freeze
Lulu – Cachinations Distantes
IDGlitch – Ambedo
Enternet boy – T’Hó
Anon8924 – 晩鐘 02 (Vespers 02)
A Virtual Memory & Çois Agver – Anoxia