RAR Guest #5 –  Relics (a mixtape by Savvas Metaxas)

Savvas Metaxas is a self-taught musician who started playing electric guitar in various groups before forming ‘Good Luck Mr. Gorsky’. Better acknowledged for his work as ‘inverz’, he gradually shifted to the use of synths and field-recordings as sound tools, rather than instruments. He is a founding member of label “Granny Records” since its beginning at 2007.

To date, Savvas Metaxas has released four albums (as inverz), and two albums under his real name. His most recent offering is a split cassette with Turbo Teeth, appearing as duo with Spiros Emmanouilidis. Forthcoming releases include the album “Scenes” (solo, More Mars label) , “It can only be attributable to human error” (split with Dalot, Panospria label) , “Front” (split with Eventless plot, appearing as duo with Spiros Emmanouilidis, Granny Records, 12″ LP).



David Toop – Cuntinamo: Piaruainai, Solo Shaman, Pt. 1
Jason Lescallet – A nice evening
Ron Morelli – The story of those gone
Savvas Metaxas – Scene 3
Bellows – Untitled
Robin Fox – Dark Rain
Eleh – Together we are one
Alessandro Cortini – Scappa
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Magic Creek
Helm – Sky Wax (London)
Phillip Jeck – Fleeting
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Vitorio