RAR Guest #16 – Yorgia Karidi – Out on bus for fun

Super special guest mix by Yorgia Karidi for Random Access Radio!

Y. Karidi is an Athens based performing artist who composes & improvises electroacoustic music.
Check her work: soundcloud, tumblr, bandcamp

A recorded revisit of a live set Yorgia Karidi performed one year ago as a part of the live sessions ‘Κυριακή απόγευμα’ held by ‘Αγγελος κυρίου at Pseudon studio.

intro Out on bus for fun
1:30 Bitara Agg
2:55 Blacks
5:52 Ride Memory
10:40 High wie bo wie
13:17 Kick me
16:56 Apothiki me polla poulia
17:13 Freud saying
19:00 Yes mix
23:23 field recording of a walk to a warehouse with bird cages
24:24 Snap