Dj, promoter and artist Figkott draws inspiration from brain’s elusiveness, mental chaos, and the perpetual fight for inner balance. Figkott hopes that his artistic impulses will produce the serenity, insight and sensitivity so desperately needed in this increasingly preposterous fake perception of reality. His aesthetics, ideas and stories are constantly evolving, as well as his need to express and interpret himself through music, club or non club oriented.


深町 純 – パーペチュアル(ムーヴメント) (1980)
Brian Bennett – Solstice (1978)
吉村弘 – Creek (1986)
The Beneficiaries – People (2020)
S.O.N.S – Drum 03 Ft. Dude F (2018)
Spooky – Miscellaneous (1996)
volt.ctrl – You Like Me (Right Now) (2018)
Mix Mup – Before (2012)
Valentino Mora – Second Skin (2018)
Rrose – Shrouds (2013)
Forest Drive West – Impulse (2020)
The Beneficiaries – When the Sun Loves You Back (2020)