Disciples ‘DISCMIX16 Audiophiles Burned Alive!’

A dislocated and leaf-strewn 7″ single mix from Disciples for the autumn crew – drum machines that always run a bit too fast or a bit too slow, bristolian outliers, abandoned slide guitar, songs that are barely there, rap caught between two channels on a shortwave radio, submerged tape loops.

Disciples is an archive label based in London, dedicated to releasing collections of music that have not existed before, because we love the mistakes, the outtakes, the demos and the tentative tremors. Because Future Crayon is the best Broadcast album and the Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes opened up the portal into an alternate VU and live soundclash recordings communicate something that even pristine dubs can’t.

Because we want to tell a different story: elevate the freaks, the geeks, the overlooked and unfairly dismissed. Not lost in old soul holes but presenting online hip-hop mixtapes and salfordian pub jams with the same care and attention afforded to some blues in a wooden box, try and celebrate the mavericks that are still here. These aren’t reissues but our now sound maybe not released at the time but now alive in our own pulsating present.

An evening around your mate’s flat where they play you bathhouse techno, teenage home recording experiments, raging punk demos, ritual electronic protest music and static-saturated rhymes, but it all makes some kind of sense, it’s one continuum. Not Disciples from the bible but proselytisers for these times, sounds to erupt in your mind, photocopied to infinity but the message still cutting through.




Blod & Miljö – Untitled A
Ruth – Mon Pote
Dylan Ettinger – Baptism
Paid Reach – Experience Change
Spykes & Parashi – Braille License Plates For Sullen Nights Side B
Flying Saucer Attack – Psychic Driving
Third Eye Foundation – Universal Cooler
Antonym – Shattering Of An Illusion
Loopsel – Utebli
Kirk Lake – Theme From Never Hit The Ground
Timmy Thomas – Funky Me
Parasites Of The Western World – Zytol Automation
Naked On The Vague – Poltergeist Palm
C.C.C.C. – Analgesic Transmission
Blod & Miljö – Untitled B