CusCus World Musik Radio 196.7 FM its a live performance around the concept of radio.
What’s radio? What could we do on it? What can be a radio program? How we act, in-act, interact, on stream?
Along a performatic live concert, shapes were given to the feelings and thoughts that come out from these kind
of questions being made to ourselves.
Always with George Michell as special guest, Aquafresh, Giorgio MoreOver, DBÉR, PAMODI, and Kiara are the
artists behind the scene. The ground below everything that happens on the top are real AM/FM frequencies
that are expelled by a radio. Cassette’s, random mp3.files, jingle’s, vinyls and cds, also drive out the ground
of the scene. Different synths, keyboards, mics, drum machines, percussion kits, and samples go together on
painted sceneries, visual effects, and sculptures.
CusCus World Musik Radio 196.7 FM as a whole, can be seen as an installation.

CusCus Discus is a polyglot and poly-rhythmic family. It comes from different nations and regions, and it’s
made of a vast group of people that can only be found on unannounced sites. We look for a hybrid culture,
and we are constantly reinventing ourselves through the endless matter of imagination.

CusCus Discus it’s a Portuguese label based between Lisbon and Almada.
Mixed by PAMODI, Giorgio MoreOver, DBÉR, and Aquafresh…


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