RAR Guest #25 – Oto Hiax

Mark Clifford and Scott Douglas Gordon are Oto Hiax.

Their mix is a brilliant digging of early electronica from geniuses like Morton Subotnick and Ilhan Mimaroglu as well as modern pioneers like Eli Keszler and Colin Stetson…

Harry Bertoia, Clear Sounds excerpt
Yosi Wada, Earth Horns with Electric drone Excerpt
Bred Blondie, CAA—23
Penderecki De Dies Irae excerpt
Hans Reichel,Daxaphone, untitled
Ilhan Mimaroglu, Wings of Delirious Demons
Rashad Becker, Themes VIII
Morton Subotnick, Touch, excerpt
Tod Dockstader , Eight Electronic Pieces Part 6
Eli Keszler , Cold pin 1
Colin Stetson and Sarar Neufield ,The sun Roars into view
Constantine , Emptiness
Kk Null and James Plotkin : Aurora
Penderecki , Dies Irae excerpt
Colin Setson, From No Part of Me Could I summon A Voice
Oto Hiax , Flist
John Chantler, Falling Forward
Ivor Darreg, 17 Tone Improvisation
Barbatuques, Barbabpapa
Nate Young , Sleep Anxiety
Constantine, Erebus
Yales : Syndu Part One Exceprt