Fragile X – Transmission 7

Glasgow’s Fragile X from the Bricolage Collective on his resident show for RAR!
Transmission 7 is a selection of sounds from Bricolage in 2020 plus a play from our first release of 2021 from No Arrival.

All the music can be found on our bandcamp


Loui Cleghorn – For Sparta (bc060)
Fragile X – Damage Control (bc055)
Urgula – Use of Weapons (bc053)
Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Warm Shapes (bc056)
cCmndhr – Huff Duff (bc058)
No Arrival – Key Seeker Blues (bc061)
Lying Cat – Acceptable Corporate Walk In Music (bc052)
Minimal Drone GRL – Ambivalence (bc054)
Sarmism – Shame (bc057)
Esef – Through The Static (bc055)
Doxil – redund_nt (bc059)