Dimk Witchdoctor #5


Chiaroscuro – Cometa E Stelle Cadenti
James Bernand – Lapis Lazuli
Pelican Daughters – A Manner Of Speaking
S.English – Eleventh Night
Sanctus – Oldman Talking
Grand Optimist – Pandelson
Manie Sans Delire – Threat Generator
El_Txef_A – Fear Vs Love
Monuments – Monuments From The Future
Dj Hell – Car (Roman Fluegel Remix)
Spatal Relation – Mysteries Of Choice
Dreems – Sine O The Tyme
Save! – The Light
Alan Vega-Martin Rev – Dance
Liaisons Dangereuses – El Macho Y La Nena
Tzusing – No Primordial State
Outermost Aka Miltiades – Surface#1
Marie Davidson & Lamusa II – La Ecstase (Silent Servant Remix)
Hiro Kone Aka Nicky Mao – Dissocupation Of The Sphere
Stratis – Humanly Possible
Legowelt – North Sea Wisdom
Individual Industry – Eyes
Identified Patient – Geen Syndroom
Hame Dj – Dog Swamp
Solitary Dancer – Losing Touch
Baldo – Seventh Dimension
Primitive – Lapis Lazuli B2
Hiro Kone Aka Nicky Mao – Rukhsana
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Love On 26
Daniel Avery – Sensation
Efdemin – The Sound House
James Holden – Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone)