Soundtrac-es by Chico – Distorted Memoirs II

The second episode of the “Distorted Memoirs” (first episode is available to listen here) is focusing on my late grand-grandfather, Theodoros Myzikos, with him in the role of the narrator/storyteller.
From his origins in Sinop (Asia Minor) till his early years in Greece after the expulsion and the Asia Minor war.

It’s part of an interview conducted in 1992 by late Mr Petros Kazantzidis and belongs to the family archives. The VHS archive was digitized in DVD format and the audio was further edited for this mixtap(e)mentary (documentary+mixtape).

Conceived by and produced by Chico (aka Rendeece).
The soundtrack is mostly based on Turkish samples and original parts recorded with the home studio gear.

Rendeece – Sinop
Rendeece – Rubles under bower
Rendeece – Exit through the candy shop
Rendeece – Movies for the Turkish women
Rendeece – Present in penitentiary
Rendeece – A prayer for the giaour
Rendeece – New underwear in the pharmacy
Rendeece – Injured horses are not healed
Rendeece – 7.200people, 1 ship, 17 deaths
Rendeece – Hookers & pimps @ Piraeus
Rendeece – Lefkas, Preveza (Elections, Banks & Gallows)
Rendeece – Distribution Day
Rendeece – (Not) Silent Servant
Rendeece – Of fake age and religion
Theodoros Myzikos – Turkish song (A “VHS” field recording)