NatCase Ritual | 30th November 2016

NatCase Ritual | 30th November 2016 mix blends dark and mystical kinds of electronic, experimental, and library music accelerating to synth beats featuring tracks from artists such as Joel Graham, Ital Tek, Bernard Fèvre, Edward Artemiev, Space Art, Aphex Twin, D’arcangelo, John Maus and more.
Cover by Autosuggestion

Joel Graham – Geomancy
K. BHTA – Opalita
Ital Tek – Re Entry
Antoni Maiovvi – Nightdrive
Edward Artemiev – They Go Long
Space Art – L’Obsession D’Archibald
François de Roubaix – Le Samouraï Se Remixe (Partie 2)
Zwischenwelt – Premonition
John Maus – Love Letters From Hell
Bernard Fèvre – Stars Away
Turquoise Days – Grey Skies
D’arcangelo – Fate In Us
Fruto5 – Isfahan
Bradley Strider – Untitled
Black Devil Disco Club – Constantly No Respect (Dub)
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker