Soundtrac-es by Chico // Petroleum-ism

  1. Petroleum-ism – British Petroleum advertisement
  2. Petroleum-ism – My grandmother’s piano sinking into a petroleum tank (keys are visible) [00:36]
  3. Petroleum-ism – Fire drill (crew is incompetent) [03:52]
  4. Petroleum-ism – Asakawa Maki live in the Engine Room [07:08]
  5. Petroleum-ism – Shell (In s-hell I danced with the disco devil) [08:50]
  6. Petroleum-ism – Millions of pipes [12:24]
  7. Petroleum-ism – Price & Prejudice [13:04]
  8. Petroleum-ism – O-ill production in African continent [17:52]
  9. Petroleum-ism – BP (Black Pitty) [21:50]
  10. Petroleum-ism – BP (Black Panther in an oil barrel) [22:50]
  11. Petroleum-ism – Exxon Valdez birds [25:41]
  12. Petroleum-ism – What a Wasted World [30:18]

Conceived and produced by Chico.
“British Petroleum advertisement” has been extracted by youtube video.
For track 04 – “Asakawa Maki live in the Engine Room”, was used the live performance of Asakawa Maki-Gasoline Arei. Sound of the engine room (of a general cargo ship) is original recording by Chico.
For track 05 – “Shell (in s-hell I danced with the disco devil)”, sample used by Disco Devil – Lee “Scratch” Perry.
For track 07 – “Price & Prejudice, were used Nasa’s free sound pack – “Golden Record: Greetings to the universe” and Chico the worldwide market prices of oil were read by Chico.
For track 08 – “O-ill Production in African continent”, djembe recording by Manand.
Track 09 – BP (Black Pitty) cover to “I feel pretty” from the West Side Story Soundtrack (Music by Leonard Bernstein, Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim). Performed by Chico
Track 12 – What a wasted world, cover to “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. Performed by Chico

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